GM 3100 Extreme Chassis (1955-59)
GM 3100 Extreme Chassis (1955-59)
GM 3100 Extreme Chassis (1955-59)
GM 3100 Extreme Chassis (1955-59)
GM 3100 Extreme Chassis (1955-59)

NOTE: All chassis are shipped unassembled in raw steel. Builder is responsible for finish and assembly.

The Extreme Series chassis offers the most extreme stance for your 3100 series truck with the ability to lay frame while maintaining excellent driving dynamics. The front end geometry is optimized to eliminate bump steer and provide minimal camber change so your truck’s suspension doesn’t look like an after thought when aired out. The rear features our tried-and-true triangulated 4-link with adjustable geometry and optimized driveline dynamics for trouble free and vibration free operation at any power level.

  • Lays 30″ front & 31″ rear wheel
  • Narrowed track width 58″
  • Front wheel pushed 1″ forward
  • Tubular control arms w/ cam alignment
  • Rack & pinion steering w/ flipped tie rod kit
  • Adjustable transmission crossmember
  • 1 or 2-piece driveline
  • Engine mount options (SBC,BBC,LS,LT,Cummins,Duramax)
  • Modular, bolt-together construction (no welding required)

Additional Options


High quality splined bar with Delron bushings and adjustable arms and end links.

Fuel Tank

Our 20gal aluminum fuel cell is custom built to mount cleanly and easily into our chassis and rear kits. For carburated or EFI.

3rd Member

Finish off your rear end with a Strange Ford 9" aluminum 3rd member loaded with US Gear Street Series gear set and TrueTrac.

Optima Battery Box

Frame mount for an Optima 34/78 battery. Mounts to the frame rail under front bed corner.

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GM 3100 Extreme Chassis (1955-59)

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